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Self Torture

As Ultimate Nipple Torture 5 starts, we meet a nice-looking red-haired waif from Texas named Misty. As she sits on a backyard swing set, this babe explains to Master Rick Savage how much that babe enjoys nipple castigation. In that case Rick is the man of the hou, as he treats her to a serious nipp tweaking and playing session. After a severe tit flogging, Slavemaster Savage leads Misty into the abode by a chain connected to taut metal nipple clamps.One time inside, Rick conducts a clinic in Asian rope tying skills, using a pulley rig connected to the ceiling. Misty is tightly tied, as Corporalist Savage runs a harsh rope between her mosit vagina lips to the ceiling pulley. A ball gag stifles her cries of pang pleasure as Rick plays with the harsh twine as though it were a stringed instrument. Finally, Mistys tortured nipps are abased to the max, as the Slaver torments 'em with sharp metal tweezers and a glass suction tube.
Tags: bondage,femdom,spanking,bdsm,pain

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